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Future Perspectives

During the last few years, internationally renowned professors like Niklaus Wirth, Jürg Nievergelt and Carl August Zehnder reached their age of retirement and found successors.

It is the goal of the department "together with other departments to further expand the international leading position of the ETH in the information and communication sciences."

(Mehrjahresplan 2004-2007, 45.)

Regarding the education, the organisational system will be assimilated to the international standard, and the interdisciplinar cooperation which has been postulated since the middle of the 1990s is to be furthered. The role of computer science as "queen and servant of science and engineering" merely calls for these cooperations.

The focus in the field of research is similarily set on the cooperation with related disciplines, mainly the Life Sciences as well as the Financial and Entrepreneurial Science.

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